At West End Thrift, the health, safety,  and well-being of our shoppers, volunteers, and donors is our top priority.  As a mission-based non-profit organization, we care deeply about the people and community we serve.

What we are doing to keep customers safe:

  • We ask that all unvaccinated guests and volunteers wear a mask while in our store. . Vaccinated guests and volunteers are not required. We prefer that everyone wears a mask while in our store to protect our most vulnerable workers but will trust that everyone will follow the above guidelines. Our volunteers are mostly older people so we prefer to err on the side of caution.  
  • Please maintain a social distance of least 6 feet between yourself and other customers or volunteers 
  • We have implemented social distancing measures at the cashwrap.  We will encourage shoppers to pack their own items into bags. Cash and credit will be accepted. 
  • We have a self serve sanitation station should you decide you would like to sanitize your cart. 
  • Dressing rooms are open but we ask you to realize that, because we are working with a limited staff, we do not have the manpower to clean after each guest.

Accessibility Statement