Covid 19 Response

At West End Thrift, the health, safety,  and well-being of our shoppers, volunteers, and donors is our top priority.  As a mission-based non-profit organization, we care deeply about the people and community we serve. Because we want to be thoughtful and careful in every decision we make,  as we slowly reopen, in accordance with state and local guidance, there will be new sanitization and social distancing policies in place to protect our guests and our volunteers. Thanks so much for your understanding as we wade through these unchartered waters together.

What we are doing to keep customers safe:

  • If you are feeling sick or not well, please visit us another time.  You can use our online store to browse our great stuff;
  • Enhanced cleaning measures that meet with Virginia Department of Health standards will be in effect to help  reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • All shoppers and volunteers will be required to wear a mask. 
  • We reserve the right to limit the number of shoppers that may be in the building at the same time. 
  • Please maintain a social distance of least 6 feet between yourself and other customers or volunteers
  • All merchandise has been stored for 1 week and sanitized . The Corona virus has not been shown to live on any surfaces for more than 4 days. 
  • Please refrain from touching items you do not wish to purchase. Please keep your children with you and ensure they do the same. 
  • We are taking measures to avoid crowding and encourage people to use our new online store:
  • We have implemented social distancing measures at the cashwrap.  We will encourage shoppers to pack their own items into bags. Cash and credit will be accepted. 
  • Carts will be wiped down after each customer.  
  • Dressing rooms are closed by state mandate and at this time we request that you not try on clothing at all to prevent any chance of contamination.

What we are doing to keep volunteers safe:

  • Our volunteers  have been instructed on health and safety precautions.
  • All volunteers will be required to wear a mask and will be given frequent breaks to wash hands and remove masks.
  • Volunteers should maintain at least a 6 foot distance between themselves and guests. 
  • Volunteers who have traveled abroad or to high-risk areas will be asked to not work for a period of 2 weeks.
  • We are encouraging our volunteers that may be at higher risk to stay at home.

What we are doing to keep donors safe:

  • Donation Day is Saturday only,  from 9am – 2pm at our Willard Road entrance only.  All donations will be left in the trailer for a period of 5 days so that any bacteria or viruses that might be active will be eliminated. We will not open the trailer for any reason on other days of the week so as not to recontaminate the donations. 
  • Contactless drop-off is required of all donors.  Please bring help if you need assistance unloading your donations.  Our volunteers will be practicing social distancing and will not be available to help. 
  • Donors should place their larger, heavier, more stable items on the bottom and then stack above.  Please, please, please take your items to the back of the trailer so that there will be room for others that come after you.  
  • Please keep in mind our “do not take” items and not take up precious space with items that we will have to dispose of with our limited number of volunteers.

West End Thrift  wants to continue to play a role in helping individuals and communities emerge stronger from the Covid 19 pandemic. Please check our website; and Facebook and Instagram, @westendthrift often for additional information and updates. Thank you for partnering with us during these difficult times!